I had a really good day.

What I’ve figured out is that comic conventions are like… my natural habitat. Today was actually great. I bought so many $1 comics. I got my picture taken with Jeremy Bulloch (aka Boba Fett). I went to this workshop on figure drawing. I talked to some woman for a while who was from a school that specializes in the “Sequential Arts” and got a bunch of information on that. We spent most of the day just wandering and looking around but man, it was a good time.

Comic con is basically everything I love put together into one big room and I can’t believe I’d never gone to one until today.

I think next year I’m gonna go in costume.

  1. thesansasnark said: Next year lets go together in costumeeee!
  2. vimmuse said: It’s a different experience when you go in costume. But, if you do, make sure your costume is actually good. Don’t wear one that’s half-assed because that just makes the experience that much better. Buy wigs if you need to. I have a white one lol
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