"In short, this social norm of working all day and spending at night is so engrained in us that maybe this is why our generation has started to prefer this kind of introverted, unique lifestyle. We realize something is not right. No, I do not want to sit in traffic for two hours. No, I do not want to wear nice, uncomfortable clothes just to sit at a desk all day. No, I do not want to capitalize on making money just to spend it on unnecessary material possessions until my inevitable death. Does this make me lazy?"
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Anonymous: You should be proud of yourself. That is a huge step considering your stance with social anxiety. I hope it goes well! Good luck.

First time in my life I’ve made an effort to communicate in a relationship rather than just running away and saying nothing! I feel like I deserve an award. Or like at least a ribbon or something. But they don’t generally hand out ribbons for succeeding at basic social interactions.

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"The old white dudes that are in charge of everything are scared as fuck of YOU."
- Gerard Way’s message to the young women in the crowd. Fonda Theatre 10/14/14. (via sky3cifervalo)

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