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TODAYS THE DAY. The boy and I are leaving for our cross country roadtrip :) Two weeks of adventure starts this afternoon. I’m so ready.

First stop: Somewhere near Chicago! 

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Anonymous: I can send you a photo of a finished tattoo and you draw in the role for me, please?

I don’t understand this message at all.

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Last night I interviewed for my dream job. If you can call smoking bongs and drinking with amazing artists an interview. The shop I went to check out is a thousand times cooler than I could have predicted, and the potential to make money there is unreal. It’s an art gallery/tattoo shop/living space and all the people who work there are really chill and friendly. They described themselves as Toronto’s best kept secret.
All other life goals have now been replaced by my need to work in this shop. I’m going to make it happen.

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